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Ben S
Ben S@username
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Nice, little market that carries some artisanal items. Their deli punches above its weight with high-quality sandwiches that don't skimp on ingredients and they also make good coffee-based drinks. There are also some tables and chairs right outside. Recommended!
John G
John G@username
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Order "The Hunter" and "The California". They smack! Soooooo good. Thanks guys and gal! For sure going to be back ASAP.
Katie S
Katie S@username
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When a place is a store and restaurant, you know it's going to be good. Stopped here for lunch before the beach and was not disappointed! The Cali Club and Bianca were both delicious!

The Bellissimo deli has become a significant part of what we offer as a hospitality establishment. We take profound pride in our menu, providing locals and visitors with incredible foods that exceed expectations. Our leading deli purveyors continue to serve organic, vegetarian, and vegan dishes that thrive in natural flavors heralded as ‘must-try’ throughout the neighborhood.

Enjoy a divine palette of breakfast, lunch, and brunch dishes all day.

Our deli offerings extend throughout the day, letting you enjoy the diversity of our dishes whenever you want. No matter the time, you’re free to immerse yourself in our creative menu, including our local favorite Breakfast Burrito, a critically acclaimed staple since 2008.

Discover a deli counter that will transcend you to the heart of New York.

There’s no place like New York, but our bagels, lox, and Reubens will challenge that saying. We’ve served Venice with some of the most delicious brisket sandwiches and smoked salmon bagels that will make you feel you’re right on Broadway.

Immerse yourself in European culinary flair.

Are you feeling like an Italian ciabatta? Maybe a French baguette tickles your fancy? Bellissimo sources fresh specialist bread daily to create visionary sandwiches that drop jaws and excite minds.

Find all the vibrant flavors and health-driven culture of Venice at Bellissimo.

Whatever your tastes or dietary requirements, Bellissimo has something for you. We accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan needs with plentiful choices, ensuring quality and sublime hospitality remain.

“Not just any old coffee will do,” a basis for Bellissimo’s cafe as the preferred destination for our local surfers, dog walkers, and active residents. We believe in brewing coffee that does more than give you a morning jolt. Our team sources beans and creates beverages incorporating Venice Beach culture, blending quality, relaxation, and excitement.

Enhance your day with coffee that embraces the heart, mind, and soul.

Locals flock to Bellissimo to enjoy their first sips of coffee of the day and embrace the diverse community and incredible Venice Beach lifestyle around them. Our coffee and teas get lovingly brewed to order, offering flavor-packed warm beverages to silky-smooth cold brews. A visit to the cafe has become an essential part of the day for many.

What makes our coffee so extraordinary?

Quality is critical to our coffee and highly regarded by our founders and the entire team. We partner with Mr. Espresso, an Italian family-owned brand roasting beans over an oak-laden wood fire. The brand wins numerous awards for its exquisite flavors and unbridled commitment to quality. Our coffee-brewing process includes leading-edge techniques, including:

  • 100% organic single farm Arabica beans
  • Brewing with state-of-the-art equipment
  • An extensive palette of quality options

Be a part of Venice Beach coffee culture.

Who knew Venice Beach had such a strong coffee culture? Visit Bellissimo and discover why we champion the art of the brew. Whether you want to sit down and sip on a premium warm-roasted espresso or grab a quick cold brew on the go, there’s always much to love at our critically acclaimed cafe.

There’s something brilliant brewing.

Prepare for our “Smoothies” to take Venice Beach by storm!

We’re the innovative cafe that keeps on giving. Get excited for our smoothies, a new product upcoming in our ever-growing culinary roster. You’ve seen what we can do with a sandwich, and you know how well we can brew a coffee. Now prepare yourself for our new beverage revolution, incorporating the local favorites of Venice Beach into one remarkable product.

What are smoothies?

“Smoothies” is a name coined to describe the ‘quick’ nature of the drink, yet packed with healthy, organic ingredients to give you a refreshing and revitalizing kick. Our final offerings are still under finalization but trust us when we say that the early reception has been fantastic. We’ll let the surprise speak for itself when we make the range available!

When will smoothies be available?

We’re still providing the finishing touches to the beverages. Bellissimo’s mantra of perfection at every angle does make recipe development longer, but ultimately, we believe you can’t rush quality. We’ll provide updates as soon as we know when we’ll release these brilliant new drinks to the community.

Watch this space, or stop by our store for more information.


Gluten Free

Whole Beef Available


Dairy Free

The closest mini grocery store to the beach

Did you know - we are the closest mini grocery store next to the sand in #VeniceBeach! We have all the snacks and essentials you need on your beach trip. ⛱☀️ On top of that, we serve delicious sandwiches, burritos and coffee made fresh for you on the spot! This is why we are Venice's little best-kept local secret. Don't forget to stop by on your next visit to the beach! The #BellissimoVenice family looks forward to meeting you!

About Bellissimo

The dawn breaks on the beautiful blue sea of Venice Beach. You’ve just arrived on the shoreline after a satisfying morning surf. What’s the first thing you want to do? Bellissimo Venice began 14 years ago to embrace the Venice culture and provide hospitality for our early morning, active residents. We didn’t wish to offer just a standard cup of coffee; we wanted to cater to the real needs of our locals. We wanted to provide food and beverages that capped off a perfect morning every day, a mantra that our locals have come to love over a decade and business. Our little outlet began as the first cozy outlet to offer organic, natural, vegan, and vegetarian options in a homely environment. Today, we’ve grown into one of Venice Beach’s premium establishments, where anyone in the know understands where to get their delicious bagel or soul-soothing cup of coffee. So what makes Bellissimo the thriving location embedded in the Venice culture? It's our mission, vision, and set of values!

Our Mission

Bellissimo strives to provide our locals and visitors with the perfectly amalgamated tastes and heart-warming atmosphere of Venice Beach.

We curate and lovingly craft healthy foods paired with beverages that complement our local culture. We embrace the holistic diversity and active lifestyle our area brings and always offer the hospitality to match.

Our Vision

We envision Bellissimo serving as the perfect location to soak in and absorb the unique culture and livelihood that Venice Beach offers.

Local surfers, professional culinary chefs, yoga trainers, musicians, boat owners, and tourists enjoy our deli and specialty coffee, ingraining a visit into their daily routines. We’re a place to let their cares about the world whisk away. We present the hidden taste of Venice that adds a unique flavor to their taste buds.

Our Values

Bellissimo started with values that would lay the groundwork for an innovative, unique establishment at Venice Beach. We integrated inclusivity, community, and quality into our services, products, and overall hospitality. Learn more about why this trifecta of values has made our location a prime neighborhood landmark.


There’s nothing more joyous than a friend or acquaintance welcoming you to their abode with open arms. Bellissimo believes in that inclusive level of hospitality, being an eatery that treats locals and visitors alike as long-time friends.


We understand that the diversity, active lifestyle, and sun-kissed scenery make Venice Beach home. That’s why Bellissimo began and will remain, as a community-focused location, serving healthy, tasty food and drinks that complement the local culture.


Finally, Bellissimo strives to be the ultimate purveyor of quality in the local area. We consistently innovate and improve our menus, sourcing magnificent coffees, catering to all dietary needs, and curating some of the most flavorful, enjoyable dishes.

Feel free to order delicious pasta, prosciutto, cheese, and all those last-minute ingredients you need online or visit us and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. From milk, juice, bread, to other grocery items, we have a vast selection of a variety of products, including rolling papers, tobacco products, and more.

Bellissimo is Venice’s place to be; one visit, and you’ll understand why.

What’s the latest at Bellissimo?

All Venice Beach locals know where to turn when they want something new and exciting in their lives. Bellissimo is always cooking up something that meets our customer’s exceptionally high standards. And with our recent overhaul, we offer even more exciting new beverages to light up your day! Learn more about our latest offerings below.

No better beverage represents the diverse Venice community than our cold brews. Get our delightful coffee and tea that packs that extra punch cooled to refresh in the warm day’s temperatures.

Bring a little bit of a tropical vacation right to our cafe. Our divine coconut smoothies infuse all the natural flavors of coconut blended with other luscious ingredients. This beverage will be sure to have your taste buds dancing.

Well-being is the word of the day for an active lifestyle. We, too, understand how important it is to destress and unwind after a busy day. Discover our new herbal remedies, carefully curated with premium, revitalizing ingredients to help you rejuvenate and make every day your best.

The Founders

Behind every excellent establishment are founders with passion and dedication to the local community. That story has driven Bellissimo’s success for over a decade, starting with Ronen and Antonia in 2008. Their unique understanding of what makes magnificent hospitality has served Venice Beach well all these years.

With an educational background in agriculture, Ronen started developing the idea of a cafe that served organic foods and beverages as local demand for more quality cuisine emerged. His partner Antonia embraced the idea of being able to offer their beloved community a single location. It was to be a cafe that served meals that aligned with the diverse cultural melting pot that was Venice Beach.

They’d serve foods and drinks that integrated their educational, culinary, and well-traveled backgrounds. All poured into a cafe and deli with the single aim of a happy, healthy establishment for the Venice Beach community. Their carefully curated Italian Jewish Mediterranean Southern California menu was an instant hit, where the founders built an environment fusing cultural values and global flavors.

Ronen and Antonia’s success story with Bellissimo continues to inspire other local small businesses, often stopping in for advice on how to get started and create something invaluable to the community. An establishment is a magnificent place brought to life by two extraordinary people who show no signs of slowing down in innovating and providing for their customers.

68 N Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Phone: (310) 305-2430
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